Development direction of drying equipment energy

April 24, 2023
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In the development of drying equipment, attention should be paid to energy saving and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as adopting various combined heating methods, transplanting heat pump and heat pipe technology, developing solar energy dryer, etc.; and developing automatic control technology of drying equipment to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions; in addition, with the attention of human beings to environmental protection, environmental protection measures of drying equipment should be improved to reduce dust and waste gas It will also be the direction of in-depth study.

China's dryer equipment market status and analysis of the current needs, the domestic market of conventional drying equipment, as well as the main international market drying equipment, are basically made in China, which shows that China's drying equipment import-oriented history has ended. However, there are still some problems and difficulties. According to the prediction of China general machinery drying equipment industry association, in the next few years, the chemical industry will have about 3000 sets of drying equipment; the annual demand of pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach about 3000 sets; the annual demand of agriculture, forestry, grain, light industry and other industries, such as drying equipment, is expected to reach about 5000 sets. At present, drying equipment in the domestic market share has reached more than 80%.